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Now taking bookings for 2014. Season end 2013, 500 Sewin 85 Salmon. Last season we had a very dry summer which resulted in a late run of Seatrout and a superb run of salmon. Email (see contact us in index) or tel 01494 524411 to book or inquire about availability

Catch Records
The 2013 season is now at a end.This season we experianced a very dry summer which resulted in a very late run of Seatrout.Over 500 Sewin were caught overall and 85 Salmon. Notable fish for the season were a 18lb sewin from Sir Johns.16lb and 14lb sewin from the Junction and 16lbs sewin from the Otter Run.2013Season 100 Salmon and 370 Sewin. 2012 season 102 salmon and 373 sewin. 2011 Season - 85 salmon and 393 sewin. 2010 Season - 132 Salmon and 392 Sewin.
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